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Brand Name :

(Sodium Chloride) ®

Dosage form :

0.9% IV infusion

Indication :

Parenteral restoration of sodium ion in patients with restricted oral
intake. In general, parenteral saline uses: Normal saline: Restores
water/sodium losses. Hypotonic sodium chloride: Hydrating solution.
Hypertonic sodium chloride: For severe hyponatremia and
hypochloremia. Concentrated sodium chloride: Additive for
parenteral fluid therapy.

Dosage :

GU irrigant: 1-3 L daily by intermittent irrigation.

Heat cramps: Oral: 0.5-1 gm with full glass of water, up to 4.8 gm

Replacement I.V.: Determined by laboratory determinations mEq.
Sodium deficiency (mEq/kg) = [% dehydration (L/kg)/100 x 70
(mEq/L)] + [0.6(L/kg) x (140 – serum sodium) (mEq/L)]. To correct
acute, serious hyponatremia: mEq sodium = [desired sodium
(mEq/L)-actual sodium (mEq/L)]x[0.6xwt(kg)]; for acute correction
use 125 mEq/L as the desired serum sodium; acutely correct serum
sodium in 5 mEq/L/dose increments.

Warning / precaution :

Adverse reactions :

Thrombosis, hypervolemia, hypernatremia, dilution of serum
electrolytes, overhydration, hypokalemia, phlebitis, pulmonary

Therapeutic class :

Medication safety issues :

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