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Brand Name :

(Mannitol) ®

Dosage form :

Solution 20% [in 250 ml & 500 ml] IV infusion.

Indication :

Reduction of increased intracranial pressure associated with cerebral
edema; promotion of diuresis in the prevention and/or treatment of
oliguria or anuria due to acute renal failure; reduction of increased
intraocular pressure; promoting urinary excretion of toxic substances;
genitourinary irrrigant in transuretheral prostatic resection or other
transurethral surgical procedures.

Dosage :

Children: IV: 200mg/kg over 3-5 min.

Adults: Test dose (to assess adequate renal function):
12.5 gm (200 mg/kg) over 3-5 minutes to produce a urine flow of at
least 30-50 ml of urine per hour over the next 2-3 hours
Initial: 0.5-1 gm/kg.

Maintenance: 0.25-0.5 gm/kg every 4-6 hours; usual dose: 20-
200gm/24 hours.

Intracranial pressure: Cerebral edema: 1.5-2 gm/kg/dose I.V. as a
15% to 20% solution over ≥ 30 minutes; maintain serum osmolality
310-320 mOsm/kg.

Preoperative for neurosurgery: 1.5-2 gm/kg administered 1-1.5 hours
prior to surgery.

Transuretheral irrigation: Use urogenital solution as required for

Warning / precaution :

Adverse reactions :

Headache, nausea, vomiting, polyuria, dizziness, rash, blurred vision.

Therapeutic class :

Medication safety issues :

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